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The News Team Blog

Is RBN behind the latest Adobe PDF attacks?

The Russian Business Network, the shadowy St. Petersburg, Russia-based ISP, is getting a very bad rap lately in the media.

And rightfully so. Experts...
Teri Robinson
Editorial Honeypot

No one wants to be FBI Director James Comey right now…

James Comey probably wishes he’d called in sick Monday. After weeks of speculation and dribs and drabs of teasers, in a jolting upbraid of a sitting president, and with clearance from the Justice Department, the FBI director broke with bureau protocol to reveal an investigation not only into Russia’s interference in the presidential election but…
The News Team Blog

Beware of PDF rootkit-laden spam

It looks like PDF spam pushing pump-and-dump stocks and pharmaceuticals has died down, but the popular file format has a new use - to carry...
Peter Stephenson
The Threat Hunter Blog

WannaCry Attribution: I’m Not Convinced Kim Dunnit, but a Russian….

Of all the things we do in threat hunting, attribution is the toughest and least reliable.  This is not a spoiler alert, but I can tell you in the first paragraph of this blog (so I will) that there is no credible attribution of the WannaCry attacks yet.  Of course, as I’m writing this that…
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