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Russia gets its super power on

After the breakup of the Soviet Union stripped it of its influence, Russia seems determined to reassert itself as a super cyberspace. Teri Robinson reports.
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After Estonia, Cyberwarfare in the U.S.?

The massive bot-enabled DDoS attacks that crippled Estonian government and business websites after officials moved a Russian World War II monument begged the question stateside: Can a similar cyber-event occur in America?
Reboot Awards 2017

Threat Seeker – Vitali Kremez

Category: Threat Seeker Name: Vitali Kremez Title: Director of Research, Hunt Team Company: Flashpoint Why nominated: For his work with Flashpoint in investigating and researching cyberattacks, along with his previous experience helping put cybercriminals behind bars as a Cybercrime Investigative Analyst for the New York County District Attorney’s Office. And being credited with tying the…
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Cashing in on misconfigured systems

It's not news anymore that cyberattackers penetrating corporate networks are after money, not infamy, these days. The bread they can make from these and other online activities, such as spam, is staggering. One only has to look at the recent case of Christopher William Smith, who allegedly made over $20 million illegally selling prescription drugs through spam emails.
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2 MINUTES ON… DNS cache poisoning

A recent spate of Domain Name System (DNS) cache poisoning has security experts worried that the devious attack technique has become a new tool for identity thieves. DNS cache poisoning allows an attacker to change the DNS records that resolve domain names into IP addresses so that a user is redirected to a spoofed, malicious…

Cyberarmies rising?

When does cyberespionage cross the line into cyberwar? Adam Segal at the Council on Foreign Relations has answers. Lee Sustar reports.
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