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Peter Stephenson
The Threat Hunter Blog

Of course it was the Russians

I have been reading the commentary on Grizzly Steppe and my immediate reaction is that the bloggers, for the most part, are displaying a woeful ignorance of the cyber forensic process.
Eye on Cybersecurity

The Russian bear in the room

I love our big ole’ bear who hails from Russia that illustrates our lead feature online and in our more traditional hard copy edition this month. He’s cheeky, haughty, seemingly quite savvy and definitely bold. These traits are trying to be conveyed with purpose, as he’s supposed to visually represent just one of the ways…
Executive Insight

Difficulty Level – “EXTREME”: Why is attribution such a challenge?

When I was serving in cybersecurity in the Department of the Defense, the main lesson I learned was that you can never truly achieve a high-level of confidence in who is attacking you without the triangulation of multiple intelligence sources.  The nation-state actors our team investigated were very adept at obfuscating activities through multiple command…
Executive Insight

An Examination of Russian Cyberattacks on Critical Infrastructure: What to Do Now

Cyberattacks and threats against critical infrastructure industries have been on the rise, but up to now we’ve only been able to speculate on who the actors are, or what their motives may be. This all changed recently when the U.S. government released an important cybersecurity alert confirming Russian government cyberattacks are targeting energy and other…
Executive Insight

Petya: Using blast radius to deduce attribution

As the global ransomware attack coined Petya continues to proliferate globally, identifying the culprits is an important piece of the puzzle. At this point, it’s prudent to attempt to rule out who it doesn’t appear to be through process of elimination. While there was clear forensic evidence connecting the code used by the WannaCry actors…
Security News

Protecting your assets

The flooring of the Russian stock exchange by malware earlier this year served as a wake-up call for many financial institutions and at the same time brought to mind a recognised computer attack technique: take a system down prior to launching the 'real' attack.
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