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Russian cyberattackers are in and gone in less than 20 minutes

Russian threat actors are almost eight-times faster at taking advantage of a compromised system compared to other nation-state actors, a tribute to their operational tradecraft, according to Crowdstrike’s 2019 Global Threat report. An analysis of what Crowdstrike calls “breakout time” shows the Russians are quicker, by a factor of eight, at moving laterally through a…
Critical infrastructure attack
Network Security, Security News

FireEye attributes TRITON ICS attack to Russian

The cybersecurity firm FireEye has attributed the source of the TRITON critical infrastructure intrusion to a Russian government-owned research institute. FireEye was able to backtrack the malware, now identified as TEMP.Veles, to Russia by testing other types of malicious software that were used in the TRITON attack and tying them to the Central Scientific Research…
Security News

Russian actors mentioned as possibly launching cyberattack on 2018 Winter Olympic Games

Fingering the culprit behind the cyberattack that hit the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games during the opening ceremony will never be nailed down with 100 percent accuracy, but industry executives have gathered some circumstantial evidence is pointing toward a Russian group. The primary reason Russia, or someone acting on that country’s behalf, has been singled…

Facebook discloses content of Russian-placed ads

Facebook gave a broad overview of the content contained in the 3,000 ads that were placed on the social media site Russian Internet Research Agency during and after the 2016 election cycle and that were turned over to House and Senate intelligence committees in early September.
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