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Malware writers face extradition

Officials in the U.S. and Europe signed off on a data-protection agreement intended to lay out a process for how PII is safeguarded when exchanged across borders.
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2 minutes on: The rule of war

As nations engage with one another in shadowy conflicts taking place in the digital sphere, experts are questioning whether treaties and rules that were created for kinetic fighting apply to a new era of combat.
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2 minutes on…Do authorities get cybercrime?

It seems as if we see a new form of online criminal activity just about every day. If it isn’t a bank’s website being taken over by criminals, it’s an attempt by a Russian gang to shut down a country’s financial infrastructure or a trick to con consumers into downloading executable code hoping to steal passwords.
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After Estonia, Cyberwarfare in the U.S.?

The massive bot-enabled DDoS attacks that crippled Estonian government and business websites after officials moved a Russian World War II monument begged the question stateside: Can a similar cyber-event occur in America?
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