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Ryuk ransomware linked to Emotet and TrickBot trojans; suspicions shift to cybercriminal group

Multiple researchers are linking the Ryuk ransomware that disrupted the operations of multiple U.S. newspapers in late 2018 to the Emotet and TrickBot trojans. In so doing, some analysts have now also shifted blame for the attack from North Korean actors to cybercriminals, possibly from Russia, while others maintain that attribution efforts are premature. Crowdstrike,…
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Kaspersky may have helped U.S. catch alleged NSA data thief

After experiencing several allegations of shady ties to the Russian government, in a twist of events it turns out that Kaspersky Lab may have assisted the National Security Agency (NSA) in capturing an alleged data thief. On Aug. 27, 2016, U.S. authorities arrested Harold T. Martin III  then indicted him in February 2017 on 20 counts…
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Mueller may believe Manafort shared polling data with Russian during campaign

Paul Manafort shared polling data with Konstantin Kilimnik –a businessman linked to the Russian intelligence unit GRU, which hacked the DNC–  at least that’s what Special Counsel Robert Mueller apparently thinks, a poorly redacted court filing by the former Trump campaign manager’s attorneys showed. Details that Manafort met with Kilimnik in Madrid while a member…
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20-year-old allegedly admits to breach targeting high-profile Germans

German law enforcement officials today announced the arrest of a 20-year-old man who allegedly admitted to leaking stolen personal data belonging to the country’s various public figures. A press release jointly issued by the Federal Criminal Police Office and the cybercrime unit of the Frankfurt Attorney General’s Office has identified the arrested party as a…
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German politicians and other high profile citizens targeted in massive data breach

Several German politicians, journalists, and entertainers were targeted in a massive data breach that emerged on Twitter in the form of an advent calendar last month. Chancellor Angela Merkel, Greens leader Robert Habeck, TV satirist Jan Böhmermann, rapper Marteria, the rap group K.I.Z. and  main parliamentary groups including the ruling center-right and center-left parties, as…
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Cryptojacking, coin-mining malware, new smaller dark web marketplaces rise in 2018

A continued rise in cryptojacking and growth in coin-miner malware returned to unprecedented levels after a temporary slowdown in the second quarter of 2018 highlight the trends in McAfee Advanced Threat Research’s December report. Analyzing threats that emerged in the third quarter, the report cited two new exploit kits: Fallout and Underminer. “Fallout almost certainly…
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Siren bot uses 10 methods to send DoS attacks

Zscaler ThreatLabZ researchers identified a new DoS bot family named Siren that uses 10 different DoS methods to carry out attacks. The bot is capable of carrying out HTTP, HTTPS, and UDP flooding on any web server location as instructed by the command-and-control (C&C) server, according to a Dec. 21 blog post. Siren is also…
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Cybersecurity legislation 2018

It’s the law…almost2018 may go down as the year the EU’s GDPR went into effect but legislators domestically kept busy introducing and passing legislation meant to bolster the U.S.’s cybersecurity and privacy postures. California Privacy ActAfter a rush to get legislation done so a ballot measure slated for the November election could be pulled by…
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WEIRDEST cybersecurity news 2018

With all the serious talk of costly data breaches, threats to critical infrastructure and Russian trolls interfering with elections, sometimes it’s helpful to remember that there’s a lighter side to cybersecurity as well. Here are some of the weirdest stories from the past year that hopefully will put a little smile on your face before…
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Land of the giants – Cybersecurity in 2018

2018 threw some cybersecurity curve balls but it also looked a lot like 2017…only bigger. Teri Robinson reports. Once upon a time, a Starwood breach exposed 500 million customers… $3.2 billion was lost to phishing attacks… 2.3 billion account credentials were compromised… A ransomware attack on the Sacramento Bee exposed the records of 19.5 million…
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