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Joe Sandbox Cloud Ultimate

This product is one of our SC Lab Approved products and we use it regularly in the lab especially when we do an analysis for the Threat Hunter Blog.

Achieve better, faster results by augmenting your sandbox with automated static analysis

As malware becomes increasingly sophisticated, evasive, and complex, the task of detecting and analyzing suspicious files becomes a growing challenge. We'll demonstrate how the seamless integration across these enterprise security solutions brings greater insights into an organization's files through the combination of static analysis and dynamic analysis from various leading sandbox solutions.

Is browser isolation the new ‘sandbox’ for security?

Identified by Gartner as "one of the single most significant ways to reduce web-based attacks," remote browser isolation has become an important line item in IT budgets around the world. But not all Isolation is created equal.  With so many offerings how do you weed through the noise?
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Adobe and Google team for Flash sandbox in Chrome

Adobe and Google have partnered to allow Flash to run with sandboxing technology in the Chrome browser, the two companies announced Wednesday. "This first iteration of Chrome's Flash Player sandbox for all [supported] Windows platforms uses a modified version of Chrome's existing sandbox technology that protects certain sensitive resources from being accessed by malicious code, while allowing applications to use less sensitive ones," read a post on The Chromium Blog. The release initially is available to Chrome developer channel users. In November, Adobe released its latest Reader version, X, which includes sandboxing that forces operations that display PDF files to the user to be run inside a confined environment. - DK
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