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Protect against the next sunburst attack

Most SOC security products, including your legacy SIEM, were not designed to analyze the massive volumes of threat intelligence and security telemetry data available today. In response, a new generation of security analytics products has emerged to deliver threat detection and prioritization at scale, in real-time, and at a predictable cost. Join Anomali in this…
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TrapX Security, Inc. DeceptionGrid v7.0

Vendor: TrapX Security, Inc. Price: $3,995 per VLAN Contact: Quick Read   What it does: TrapX Security DeceptionGrid uses a centrally-managed system to create, distribute, and monitor an entire deceptive environment. What we liked: The many, predefined emulation traps deploy quickly and remain invisible to business users and result in both rich insights and scalable…
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1,200 iOS apps unknowingly handing over dollars to Chinese ad platform

Malicious code embedded in the Chinese mobile ad platform Mintegral SDK, used by 1,200-plus iOS apps downloaded more than 300 million times monthly, is siphoning off advertising dollars. The Mintegral SDK platform is intended to give app developers and advertisers an opportunity to monetize their ad-based marketing. But researchers from Snyk found evidence that other…
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Misconfigured S3 exposes Twilio users to Magecart attack

A misconfiguration in an S3 bucket that was hosting a Twilio Javascript library caused a bad threat actor to inject code that made Twilio users load an extraneous URL on their browsers that has been associated with the Magecart group of attacks. In a company blog, Twilio said this solely affected v1.20 of the TaskRouter JS…
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Docker attackers devise clever technique to avoid detection

In what researchers say is a first, attackers are performing a new container attack technique in the wild, whereby they build their own malicious images on a targeted host instead of pulling preexisting ones from a public registry. This maneuver allows the adversaries to avoid static detection by scanners that are programmed to look for…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Adobe Reader and Acrobat in the spotlight for Patch Tuesday updates

Adobe’s May Patch Tuesday security update contained 24 vulnerabilities in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader and another dozen in the Adobe DNG Software Development Kit. The patches, of which 12 are rated critical, cover Acrobat DC, Acrobat Reader DC, Acrobat 2017, Acrobat Reader 2017, Acrobat 2015 and Acrobat Reader 2015 for Windows and macOS. Adobe is…
Mobile Security, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Analysis of popular apps finds rampant sharing of personal data

An analysis of 10 highly popular Android apps found what researchers are calling the “out of control” sharing of potentially sensitive information with third parties, in some cases in likely violation of Europe’s GDPR privacy regulations. The findings, which were published in a report issued by the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC), prompted a coalition of…
Cybercrime, Mobile Security, Security News

Over 100 apps found to serve unwanted ads using ‘Soraka’ SDK

More than 100 Android applications that were downloaded over 4.6 million times via the Google Play Store were found to contain malicious code that delivers unwanted, out-of-context (OOC) advertisements to users. The code, a software development kit called Soraka, typically delivers its first OOC ad just after a device is unlocked, according to a new…
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