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Dave ShinyHunters hack exposes 7.5 million user records

Overdraft protection and cash advance service Dave suffered a data breach that appeared to involve the practices of a former third-party vendor, resulting in its database containing 7.5 million user records being sold at auction and then released later for free on hacker forums. The stolen information, which appeared to be taken by hacking group…
Data Breach, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Revengeful hacker leaks database info after researcher threatens to reveal identities

A hacker going by the name of NightLion apparently breached the backend servers at data leak monitoring service DataViper and exfiltrated data, including more than 8,200 databases, as an act of revenge against a security researcher who plans to reveal the identity of Shiny Hunters, Gnostic Players, #TheDarkOverlord and other subgroups. DataViper, managed by Night…
Data Breach, Malware, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Shiny Hunters’ latest hit: Minted among 73.1M records offered

More details have emerged about hacker group “Shiny Hunters’” prey this past month of more than 11 website victims, including Minted, a marketplace of independent illustrators and designers offering consumers items such as custom greeting cards. BleepingCompany reported that the Shiny Hunters is flooding the dark web with a combined total of 73.1 million user…
Data Breach, Malware, Security News

Mathway breach latest caper for Shiny Hunters

While the Mathway breach in which 25 million email addresses and salted passwords were reportedly stolen didn’t hit the news until late last week, a recent statement by the company says that after receiving a tip, Mathway retained a leading data security firm to investigate and by May 15 confirmed that the company had been…
Data Breach, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Home Chef confirms data breach after eight million records sold on dark web

The recent breach of Home Chef, confirmed this week, after malicious actor Shiny Hunters sold eight million of its records on the dark web underscores the looming security challenge of managing employees who access business data from outside the confines of the secure network. “With increased BYOD and remote work, acceptable usage policy enforcement is…
The report shines a light on the Syrian Electronic Army, including its attacks, tactics and members.
Cybercrime, Data Breach, Security News

‘Shiny Hunters’ bursts onto dark web scene following breaches, Microsoft data theft claims

A malicious actor known as Shiny Hunters has emerged as a serious dark web player following a spate of high-profile breaches, and now the hacker or hackers is claiming to have stolen data from Microsoft’s private GitHub repositories and is threatening to release the code for free. According to researchers from ZeroFOX Alpha Team, Shiny…
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Give a Little Bit. Give a Little Bit of My Bugs to You

OSINT—or open source intelligence—is a wondrous thing. As security professionals know, this nearly endless sea of information provides both opportunities and drawbacks. Threat intelligence vendors, though, harness the vastness of the web to unearth tidbits of information.

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