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Reeling in workers: Social engineering

When it comes to finding a scapegoat after a company falls victim to a spearphishing scam, pointing toward the human being in the room typically isn't unjustified or unfair.

Podcast: Automating social engineering

The process of delivering targeted attacks to end-users has gotten easier for attackers thanks to automated social engineering, in which adversaries can write tools that scour the web for personal data to include in their emails to increase their believability. The goal, of course, is to design messages that people are more likely to click on and, as a result, install malware on their machines or divulge personal information. In this podcast, Matias Brutti, a security consultant at security services firm IOActive, explains what the automation of social engineering means for organizations and how they can fight back.
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July 2008: Social engineering

Socially engineered attacks, often thought of as old-school tactics, have gotten a bit more advanced this year, with many analysts and vendors voicing concern about corporations' preparedness. As these attacks become more sophisticated and calculated, how should organizations respond? Hear our experts identify the security awareness methods that should be applied.
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Social engineering Revisited

Social engineering continues to play a role in today's more innovative attacks -- constantly changing and still dangerous. From drive-by malware sites to spear-phishing and beyond, social engineering remains a prefered method of attackers. So how can your organization help mitigate this risk, implementing security awareness and training programs that actually resonate?
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April 2008: Coping with social engineering

As social engineering attacks get more sophisticated and calculated, how are organizations responding? Some top security execs will join us to discuss trends in security awareness methods for employees who may be targeted by malicious email seeded with malware.
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Be a Better Social Engineer and Security Manager

Twenty minutes before the talk was scheduled to begin, attendees anxiously queued up outside the center ballroom to hear Chris Hadnagy present Mindreading for Fun and Profit Using DISC. Hadnagy, a renowned social engineer and DerbyCon staple, promised to share with the audience “how to use a quick and easy profiling tool to make targets feel as if you can read their minds.”

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Social engineering penetration testing: an overview

Social engineering has proved to be extremely efficient hacking technique, as it exploits both human weaknesses (greed, vanity, authority worship) and virtues (compassion, willingness to help others). The technique has already made a name for itself with 43% out of 1,935 documented data breaches (2017 VERIZON DBIR). Quite a reason for companies to add social…
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