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Anti-Spyware Coalition agrees spyware definition

The Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC) has unveiled its final, consensus definition of spyware, which was developed by coalition members including major anti-spyware companies, software developers and public interest groups.
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To prevent and protect – new approaches against spyware

Ninety two per cent of IT directors can’t be wrong. That’s the overwhelming majority of high-ranking IT professionals that see spyware as more than a nuisance to enterprises [[email protected] research, 2004]. Estimates even put the number of desktops affected by spyware as high as 90 per cent [US National Cyber Security Alliance].
Product Review

Spyware Doctor

Spyware Doctor was one of the most successful tools in our test, offering real-time protection and a system scanner. We were hugely impressed with its real-time protections, which actively monitor attempts made to change system settings, install applications and hijack browsers. The default action is to block first and ask questions later. This means that…
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Spyware hits new high

Spyware is increasingly becoming the hacker's favorite weapon, despite efforts in the U.S. and elsewhere to legislate against it.
'Operation Pawn Storm' espionage campaign infecting iOS devices
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Android.Spywaller spyware hits China

Symantec has discovered a new mobile spyware it is calling Android.Spywaller that uses a legitimate security tool to spoof its way onto a device, specifically those found in the Chinese market.
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