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Tesla suing self-driving startup Zoox and former employees for data theft

Tesla is accusing self-driving car startup Zoox and former employees of stealing trade secrets. The automaker is suing the start-up and the bunch claiming the employees gave Zoox Tesla’s logistics info to Zoox, while another gave Tesla’s autopilot code to Xiaopeng Motors. Two lawsuits were filed this week with one claiming employees stole “proprietary information…
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Tesla allegedly spied on and ran smear campaign on a whistleblower

A former security manager told Bloomberg Businessweek that Tesla hacked, spied on, and engaged in a smear campaign against whistleblower Martin Tripp. Sean Gouthro, a former security manager at Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory, claimed Elon Musk personally hired Tesla investigators to hack into an employee’s phone, spy on his messages, and even mislead police about a…
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Android flaws lead to stolen Teslas

Researchers at the Norwegian security firm Promon developed an attack designed to exploit common vulnerabilities in Android phones to steal Teslas.
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Researchers get free Tesla for finding infotainment system bug

Tesla awarded two researchers a car after they found a vulnerability in the vehicle’s infotainment system which allowed them to commandeer the vehicle.   The exploit was found during the Pwn2Own hacking event held in Vancouver during which Tesla was the first automaker to participate and ultimately led to the researchers receiving $375,000 in prizes,…
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