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Discord Nitro gift codes now demanded as ransomware payments

A new ransomware called NitroRansomware demands that victims pay a $9.99 Discord Nitro gift code to decrypt their files, reports BleepingComputer. The ransomware disguises as a fake tool that generates Nitro gift codes for free, which will then encrypt the victim’s files once executed. NitroRansomware changes the user’s wallpaper into an angry or evil Discord…
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Will the CodeCov breach become the next big software supply chain hack?

Knowing the identity of the group behind the attack would help shed light on their possible goals, but several observers said the length of time the attackers spent in Codecov’s network and the focus on credentials indicate that they were more interested in getting access to customers’ code than the company itself.
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mHealth Apps Expose Millions to Cyberattacks

Approov reports that 77% of 30 popular mobile health apps for clinicians have hardcoded application programming interface keys, making them vulnerable to interception by attackers, according to Threatpost. With each tested app having an average 772,619 downloads, the vulnerabilities leave around 23 million mHealth users at risk for API attacks that could leak sensitive information,…
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