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LuckyMouse using legitimate security certificate to evade traps

The malicious cyber group LuckyMouse has scurried out of its hole spreading a previously unknown trojan that is particularly dangerous as it uses a legitimate digital certificate developed by a cybersecurity company. Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) reported that in addition to the certificate it also uses a proprietary driver that allows…
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ShadowHammer code found in several video games

An adjunct to the ShadowHammer campaign has been uncovered that has video games being implanted with malware in a similar manner as was done with ASUS computers. Kaspersky Labs’ GReAT team previously disclosed ShadowHammer in March, after discovering the supply chain attack in January, but this time it tracked a case from the creator of…
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Tetris game app used to distribute PyXie Python RAT

A new remote access trojan whose name reminds one of a fairytale and not the potential nightmare it could bring to its victim has been disclosed by Cylance. PyXie Python RAT has been flitting about since 2018 helping deliver ransomware and other malware to the healthcare and education industries. The RAT has been tracked being…
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Check Point talks about the SpeakUp backdoor trojan

Check Point researchers have offered up the details on the new SpeakUp backdoor that has been found on servers in China during the 2019 CPX 360 Cybersecurity Summit and Expo. The malicious actors are taking advantage of CVE-2018-20062, a vulnerability in Chinese PHP frameworks, capable of targeting servers running six different Linux distributions and macOS,…
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Trickbot variant using fake shipping info in the wild

A new Trickbot variant has appeared on Trend Micro’s radar that uses a URL redirect in a spam email as a tactic to sidestep spam filters set to block the malware. The spam email is well-constructed and legitimate appearing with content that indicates a processed order is ready for shipping and includes a shipping number…
Miscreants infected a poker player's laptop malware that monitored his every online gambling move.
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Illegal gambling apps snuck into Apple and Google stores

Google and Apple recently removed hundreds of apps from their respective app stores after being informed they were actually fronts for gambling operations. While it’s not unusual to find malicious apps, this operation was different in that many of the apps passed through Google and Apple’s vetting process, Trend Micro reported. This was accomplished by…
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Recently found GPlayed trojan spinoff analyzed

The GPlayed trojan that was only revealed earlier this month has already spawned a successor that is capable of targeting the customers of a specific Russian bank. Dubbed by Cisco Talos GPlayed Banker, the trojan has been specialized to just target customers of the Sberbank AutoPay users. The initial version, which Talos detailed in an…

Hackers find an evil use for SEO

Hackers distributing the Zeus Panda banking trojan have hit upon a new tactic that uses a combination of optimized SEO search terms along with compromised web servers and websites to ensnare their victims. Talos Cisco researchers Edmund Brumaghin, Earl Carter and Emmanuel Tacheau detailed the scheme which takes advantage of the fact that so many people…
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RIG, Fallout EKs used to deliver new SystemBC malware

Researchers have come across a new proxy malware program that’s being delivered by the RIG and Fallout exploit kits as part of a larger campaign to infect victims with malicious payloads such as the Danabot banking trojan. Proofpoint’s Threat Insight Team began to track the malware, called SystemBC, on June 4 when it was observed…
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