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Two-factor authentication 2007

With more and more laptops connecting to enterprise networks, two-factor authentication provides greater assurance that the user on the connection is authorized, says Justin Peltier.

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Two-factor authentication, or not two-factor?

The notion of true multifactor authentication is based on the concept of combining into a single authentication mechanism something you have, something you know and something you are. Combine two or more of these and you have multifactor authentication.
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Comodo Two-Factor Authentication

Comodo Authentication Solutions prevent fraudulent account access risks through easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy PKI client authentication certificates.
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Two-factor authentication 2006

No matter how safe you think you've made your networks, if the wrong person gets hold of a user password, it's all worthless. David Ludlow tests authentication methods that keep the bad guys out.

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Two-factor authentication hackable

Two-factor authentication may not be the panacea of securing access to online accounts that many believe it is as KnowBe4’s Kevin Mitnick shows how easily this defensive measure can be spoofed. Mitnick, KnowBe4’s chief hacking officer, has put together a video showing how a phishing email containing a bit of code capable of swiping login…
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Moving towards two-factor authentication

Protecting data in the digital age is essential. Recent years have seen a decline in “recreational hacking” and a new wave of commercial hacking as illustrated in the example of the keystroke logger placed at the Sumitomo bank in an effort to steal £220m earlier this year and the various efforts at Denial of Service (DoS) blackmail.
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