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Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

Not-so-super Mario image hides code that downloads Ursnif trojan

Don’t tell Luigi, but Nintendo video game hero Mario may have joined Bowser on the dark side. A malspam sample targeting Italy was recently observed using a steganographic image of Mario (of Super Mario fame) to hide malicious code designed to infect victims with the Ursnif banking trojan. In a Feb. 8 company blog post,…
The first half of 2013 saw a 355 percent uptick in social spam. Facebook is a big target.

Spambot weaponizes 711M accounts to spread Ursnif malware

A Paris-based security researcher, by the pseudonym Benkow spotted a massive spambot, dubbed Onliner, weaponizing 711 million email and server accounts to distribute phishing emails laced with malware looking to steal user data. Benkow discovered the spambot on an open and accessible web server hosted in the Netherlands, that was being used to store dozens…
Cybercrime, Ransomware, Security News

Evil Corp debuts WastedLocker ransomware and new TTPs, researchers say

Researchers have discovered a new ransomware, WastedLocker, that they are attributing with “high confidence” to the Evil Corp cybercriminal gang, two members of which the U.S. Justice Department charged last December with federal hacking and bank fraud crimes. Evil Corp is historically associated with the banking credentials-stealing Zeus trojan and Bugat (aka Dridex) malware, as well as Locky and…
Coronavirus, Security News

Threat actors play on people’s desire to help cure Coronavirus

Much like the new cases of COVID-19 that occur daily, cybercriminals are constantly rolling out new tactics, techniques and procedures based on the pandemic. One of the newer attacks, first observed on March 7, uses a Coronavirus themed email to spread RedLine Stealer malware. This is described as a particularly well designed, written and developed…
The group allegedly embedded Bluetooth-enabled skimming devices on gas pumps.
Retail, Security News

Visa warns against new POS attacks, Fin8 fingered as the culprit

Visa has identified three separate attacks that began last summer targeting gas station and hospitality merchant’s point of sale systems with the cybergang Fin8 being considered the likely perpetrator. The credit card company’s Payment Fraud Disruption department found that two unnamed “fuel dispenser merchants” and a North American company in the hospitality field were infiltrated,…
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