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The plaintiffs failed to demonstrate loss or injury as a result of increased risk of identity theft.
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Jury spares accused Vault 7 leaker from espionage conviction

A Manhattan federal jury yesterday failed to reach a verdict on any major charges leveled against Joshua Schulte, a former CIA software engineer from Lubbock, Texas, who was accused of stealing the agency’s hacking tools and delivering them to WikiLeaks for publication. Schulte, 31, was convicted on contempt of court and making false statements, but…
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Assange won’t face charges for Vault 7 releases, report

The Justice Department reportedly won’t indict WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for his part in the release of the CIA’s Vault 7 hacking tools in part because it would require revealing top secret information that could compromise the intelligence community’s activities. While the government’s recent decision to prosecute Assange under the Espionage Act was both surprising…
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Tenable – was designed to provide unified visibility and vulnerability prioritization insight to organizations to protect their environment through the monitoring of their entire attack surface with a single solution. It uses unique data collection approaches to provide this continuous visibility across all assets, managed or unmanaged, and supports compliance management. This solution has been engineered…
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The trickle-down effect of cyberwarfare: Protecting yourself when the bad gets worse

In the post-Vault7 world, there has been an interesting shift in the cybersecurity landscape. At one time, well-funded, government-backed nation-state threat actors were the only ones capable of carrying out sophisticated cyberattacks. But now, these hacking techniques have trickled down to your average cybercriminal, equipping them with the power to take down enterprise networks, steal…
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The winners of the 2019 SC Awards Honored in the U.S.

For a complete overview of SC Awards 2019 please click on the Book of the Night link above. Trust AwardBest Authentication Technology WinnerRSA Security for RSA SecurID Access There’s only one “you,” but at least there’s plenty of ways to prove you’re you. That’s especially true when using RSA SecurID Access, a smart authentication platform…
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ESET Endpoint Encryption

ESET Endpoint Encryption offers full compliance reporting and audit logging, targeting small and midsized business with the ability to scale with all sized organizations. Endpoint Encryption is FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated so companies from different sectors can utilize it. Companies with multiple organizations or locations can manage them from a single management server with the…
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London Blue cybergang compiled list of 50,000 execs for BEC phishing attacks

A U.K./Nigerian cybergang with U.S.-based co-conspirators has obtained a list of more than 50,000 corporate officials to be targeted in future Business Email Compromise (BEC) phishing campaigns. The list was generated during a five-month period in early 2018 and of the list, 71 percent were CFOs, two percent were executive assistants and the remainder were…
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Bandura Systems PoliWall TIG

Bandura Systems grabbed the SC team’s attention this month with an entry relatively unique compared to the other solutions we reviewed.
Reboot Leadership Awards 2018

Threat Seeker – Marc Laliberte

Category: Threat Seeker Name: Marc Laliberte Title: Senior Security Analyst Company: WatchGuard Technologies Why Nominated: For someone who just seven years ago was a level-1 technician at WatchGuard Technologies, Marc Laliberte has moved quickly through the ranks to become a valued senior security analyst on WatchGuard’s Threat Research Team who serves as manager and mentor…
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