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Corporate VPNs in danger as vishing attacks target home workers

Multiple hacking gangs are preying on remote workforces and corporate VPNs through vishing attacks that are more efficient, dangerous and ubiquitous than ever, prompting the U.S. government to issue both a warning and advice on how to thwart them. “The news has spread throughout the hacker community and multiple groups are now doing this,” said…
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FBI tallied 467K cybercrime complaints in 2019, totaling $3.5B in losses

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) last year fielded 467,361 complaints related to cybercrime activity that collectively cost victims $3.5 billion in losses, according the agency’s just released 2019 Internet Crime Report. The 2019 complaint count represents a nearly 33 percent increase from the 2018 total of 351,937, and the $3.5 billion figure also…
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Manipulating human nature

Breaking bad and good habits Understanding social engineering is the first step to overcoming it. Danny Bradbury reports Complicated malware infections and cross-site scripting attacks are great techniques to compromise a company, but why use them when you can whisper in someone’s ear instead? Some of the most successful attacks involve nothing more than a phone, some self-confidence, and…
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How to Turbocharge Your Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity awareness training is a critical component to your security hygiene. The most effective training programs are offered frequently and use available frameworks, focus points, tools, and tactics to build a culture where cybersecurity is embraced, not avoided or shunned.

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Lessons Learned: How to Defend Your Organization Against Social Engineering

Social engineering is unique in the cybersecurity world as its scope of influence can vary widely on the software, hardware, and even psychological level. In this article, we’ll cover social engineering attacks and help you learn from recent developments in the space.

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Forging an email security plan – The dark side of The Octopus’ garden

Before the phish gets its way, it is essential to have email security down pat. Lee Sustar looks at how tech and face-to-face education improve your defenses. Users in large organizations are firewalled, proxied, scanned, logged and analyzed, around the clock and worldwide. Companies find all kinds of ways to protect their email, but still,…
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Giving the game away: Five obvious “tells” in malicious emails

By Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4 As the online threats to organizations have grown over the past 10-15 years, security awareness training (SAT) has become a critical component of the security infrastructure deployed by IT departments to protect their networks from attacks by malicious actors, whether those attacks are driven by increasingly sophisticated phishing campaigns, voice-driven…
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Social engineering penetration testing: an overview

Social engineering has proved to be extremely efficient hacking technique, as it exploits both human weaknesses (greed, vanity, authority worship) and virtues (compassion, willingness to help others). The technique has already made a name for itself with 43% out of 1,935 documented data breaches (2017 VERIZON DBIR). Quite a reason for companies to add social…
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