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Vulnerability management: Identifying network vulnerabilities

Vulnerability management: Identifying network vulnerabilities

Web applications are a major cause of network breaches, and new attacks are continually occurring just out of view. While a two-factor authentication approach can reduce vulnerabilities, this system alone will not eliminate the problem. Identifying network vulnerabilities requires adding multiple combinations of factors to guard against the possibility of credentials being stolen or misused.
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Vulnerability assessment

With the evolution in today’s array of tools, the enterprise can now have vulnerability assessment any way it wants, says Peter Stephenson.

Vulnerability testing

While there have been numerous prequels to the current state of vulnerability assessment (VA) tools, the Big Kahuna has been combining traditional VA with traditional penetration testing to get a sort of super tool that covers the entire vulnerability management waterfront.

Vulnerability Management

Cybercriminals frequently take advantage of vulnerabilities in web and other applications to gain entrance to wider corporate infrastructures. We learn from experts what companies can do to mitigate against these threats.
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What are the odds? How vulnerable are you to the latest vulnerabilities?

Cybersecurity vulnerability management is a continuous race against time that is being compounded by the proliferation of new devices and applications within organizations. Between 2015 and 2019, data from exploit-db reveals that the number of distinct products with reported vulnerabilities increased by 150 percent. Over this same period, the weaponization time for the creation of…
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Vulnerability assessment

This month's group of products enable testing of the infrastructure, and make security assessments easy or, at least, easier, says Peter Stephenson, technology editor
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Vulnerability management

A well-run vulnerability management program removes the guesswork, says Katelyn Dunn. his month, we revisited a mixture of familiar and new faces. Vulnerability management is such a basic security element that occasionally it gets overlooked. However, these tools should be a staple in every security arsenal by now. In some cases, organizations may deploy more…
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