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Wordpress logo sinking
Database security, Security News

Attack targeted database credentials on 1.3 million WordPress sites

A massive attack at the end of May targeted the database credentials of some 1.3 million WordPress sites. According to a recent Wordfence blog post, the attack took place between May 29 and May 31 and was stopped by the Wordfence Firewall, which blocked more than 130 million attacks. Ram Gall, QA engineer and threat…
Israel comes under cyber attack
APTs/cyberespionage, Government/Defense, Security News

Israeli websites defaced, as more offensive cyber activity flares up in Middle East

Following a month of cyberattacks involving Iran and Israel, experts are reluctant to predict all-out digital warfare between the nation states, despite the obvious recent tit for tat that underscores age-old, religion-based tensions. The latest possible salvo came May 21, when approximately 1,000 corporate and manufacturing targets within Israel were afflicted with defacements and denial…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

900,000 WordPress sites attacked via XSS vulnerabilities

Nearly 1 million WordPress sites are being hit by what is likely a single threat actor attempting to inject a redirect into the sites by exploiting a cross site scripting vulnerability. The attacks were discovered by the WordFence Threat Intelligence Team, which noted that since April 28 the number of XSS attacks has been 30…
Cybercrime, Security News

WordPress WooCommerce sites targeted by credit card skimmers

Credit card swipers are more often than not found inside online and brick and mortar retail point of sale systems, but a newer version has been targeting WordPress sites that use the WooCommerce plugin. WordPress sites using WooCommerce have been attacked before, but not with card swipers. Instead attackers focused on redirecting payments from the…
Operators again revive Pushdo botnet, use a popular tactic to stay hidden
Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

Years-long malware operation hides njRAT in cracked hacking tools

Malicious actors have been secretly embedding the njRAT remote access trojan in free hacking tools as well as cracks of those tools, in a bid to compromise anyone who downloads this software from various websites and forums. Essentially, this adversary is trying to turn other hackers into victims, taking over their machines for reasons that could…
Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News, Website/Web Server Security

WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent plugin patched

A patch released this week for WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent plugin used by more than 700,000 websites fixed critical vulnerabilities that would let attackers change and delete content as well as inject malicious JavaScript code. The GDPR Cookie Consent plugin aids sites in complying with EU GDPR/Cookie Law regulations and is maintained by WebToffee. Noting…
Malware, Security News

Malware redirecting visitors found on 2,000 WordPress sites

More than 2,000 WordPress sites have been infected with malicious JavaScript that redirects visitors to scam websites and sets the stage for additional malware to be downloaded at a later time. The Sucuri team said access is gained to WordPress sites through plugin vulnerabilities, including Simple Fields and CP Contact Form with PayPal. A large…
Network Security, Security News

Mushtik botnet now shopping for Tomato routers

A new variant of the Mushtik botnet has been found attacking routers using the open-source Tomato router firmware with about 4.600 routers currently exposed on the internet. Musthtik has been operating since March 2018 using a worm-like propagating ability to infect and harvest Linux servers and IoT devices. The good news is the new variant…
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