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Access Control

Access management from a different perspective

The appliance can be accessed through SSH, but only the customized Rohati commands are available, and there are no services turned on that are not TNS-specific. No daemons, which are not needed for the TNS to operate, are present either. This improves the security of the device itself. If you are managing access to and use of specific sensitive resources — and who isn’t — give this product a very close look.

AirMagnet Distributed System

The AirMagnet Distributed System has a management server, a management console, and sensors that are placed throughout the network and report back to the server using wired 10/100 Ethernet.

Wireless PC Lock

If pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del to lock Windows every time the weary computer user leaves their desk proves too much of a strain then this new device from Sitecom could be just the ticket.

The Wireless PC Lock is billed as a convenient aid for protecting personal details and programs when away from the PC or laptop. A receiver is connected via a USB port to the computer while a transmitter is placed upon the person. Should the transmitter and receiver be more than two metres apart then the PC will lock.

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