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Access Control

eTrust AccessControl

We are back in the world of passwords for Computer Associates’ offering. Part of the eTrust suite of products, eTrust AccessControl is another policy-based application, fully integrated with the other eTrust products, as well as with CA’s UniCenter network management software. It is designed to operate in Windows, Unix and Linux, and interoperates with (surprising, but not unwelcome), mainframe environments.

Novell Account Management

Novell is no stranger to access management; such functionality was built into its NetWare operating system from day one, and is an integral part of its Directory Services offering. So, it comes as no surprise to see a standalone Novell product in this Group Test.

Baltimore SelectAccess

Baltimore has produced one of the best access control products currently on the market. Select-Access is a welcome step forward in access control.

SmartLine DeviceLock

One potential security loophole that is frequently overlooked is access to removable media. Many access control products will bar your way into the file server, log your attempts to look at the payroll database, and prevent you from using certain applications, but this is all at the system level.

Symark PowerBroker

If you think Unix houses have been ignored in this test, Symark’s PowerBroker is just for you. Supporting multiple flavors of Linux and Unix — including IBM S390 Linux — PowerBroker ensures Unix administrative privileges can be safely managed and delegated.

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