SAN FRANCISCO — At RSA on Wednesday, 37 groups announced they’ve pledged to enhance cyber resiliency and bolster threat-sharing across global sectors.

Signed by Amazon Web Services, Health-ISAC, IBM, Red Hat, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Cyber Risk Institute, U.S. Council for International Business, SAP, Verizon, and a host of others, the global partnership aims to encourage the development and implementation of risk-based approaches through the use of consensus-based standards, like the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Cybersecurity Framework.

Errol Weiss, chief security officer of Health-ISAC, tells SC Media that joining the pledge aims to target the highly interconnected and heavy reliance on health providers, key suppliers and processors, “all of which have various levels of cybersecurity maturity.”

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The declaration is designed to raise awareness around these issues and the need to adopt “sound risk management principles to improve resilience of the entire healthcare sector,” Weiss added.

According to the release, the signers from eight countries have also promised to support vendor and supply chain contributors with their efforts to adopt risk-based cybersecurity approaches “to help small businesses flourish, while improving the resiliency of the cyber ecosystem.” 

The groups also vow to incorporate ISO/IEM, or other widely accepted international cybersecurity standards as the foundation of their cybersecurity policies and controls wherever applicable, while periodically reassessing the policies when the ISO/IEC is revised and actively participating in initiatives to improve the standards.

“A commitment to internationally recognized cyber risk management approaches and frameworks that are relevant across sectors can bring widespread economic benefits, help governments achieve their policy goals, bolster collective security, and enhance cyber resiliency across the ecosystem,” according to the release.

The pledge is just the latest Health-ISAC effort to bridge the gap between healthcare and other sectors, in a broad effort to improve threat sharing and awareness across the sector. Health-ISAC has been a strong advocate for these critical efforts, including the takedown of the ZLoader botnet — a group effort with Microsoft, Health-ISAC, and F-ISAC, among others.