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Jason Witty: ‘We have to adapt to new ways of thinking’

May 7, 2021
Jason Witty (right) is head of cybersecurity and technology controls, and global chief information security officer for JPMorgan Chase.
  • How can I add value to my employer's business?
  • Are there customer journeys I could make better with more modern but still secure and transparent controls?
  • Am I spending my budget in the most efficient way possible?
  • Do I have the right talent on my team?
  • Am I making the right hard choices?
  • Are my business cases in "kitchen English" and directly tied to a risk or negative outcome that could happen if not better managed?
  • Do my business cases make good business sense?
  • Am I hyper-tactical in the day-to-day details but equally consistent in having a perspective on strategic developments (site reliability engineering/DevSecOps, cloud, artificial intelligence/machine learning, edge computing, trusted computing, quantum encryption, etc.) and how my skills and the skills of my company will need to adapt?
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