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'KorBanker' steals SMS messages, takes authentication codes in the process

Researcher uncovered passwordless database used for SMS bombing

A researcher uncovered a massive SMS Bombing Operation in a passwordless database that exposed the sensitive information of millions of users. Security researcher Bob Diachenko discovered an open and unprotected MongoDB instance containing a massive amount of data including MD5 hashed emails, first and last names, location data, IP address, phone number, mobile network carrier…

SpamAssassin 2.63

SpamAssassin is an open-source junk mail filtering product used by more than 20 commercial products.


The installer was easy to use and this product needs Microsoft’s .N


MailSite is a fully-equipped mail server as opposed to a plug-in for Exchange or Sendmail.

Nemx Power Tools for Exchange 2000

As a set of powerful content management extensions and a service to protect an Exchange server environment, Nemx Power Tools is a reasonable performer in terms of mail processing speed.<

Policy Patrol

This application works alongside Exchange and can be installed either on the same machine or on a separate server.

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