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Thursday, December 4, 2014
2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT

Application Control technology is more than just whitelisting. Organizations have found significant value via full visibility into server and desktop environments by continuously monitoring and observing application behavior. Attend this webinar and learn about best practices for continuous application control & monitoring.  We'll exploit the power of application control via a logical a step-by-step methodology that covers monitoring, enhanced visibility, protection and then default deny, all without affecting user productivity: 

1. Server monitoring: know, in real time, what changes are being made in your environment as this is the critical path that invasions will take to get to the heart of your IT operation.  What significant changes are being made on servers? Where did an application originated?  Is the application rated with a high or low reputation score?

2. Application Forensics: keep track of applications being installed and run, and who, when, and from where applications and files are introduced onto corporate endpoints. This information can be used in the event of a breach.

3. Greylisting:  these are the applications that are not part of the white or black lists which can be also run in a restricted "greylist mode."   Policies handle these unknown applications, allowing them to be installed and/or run, but privileges are restricted for these applications and they have limited access to resources.

4. Threat Detection Integration:  detect and diffuse many attacks by sharing suspicious application activity and network behavior with Palo Alto, FireEye and Check Point for thorough analysis and further remediation.

5. Trusted Sources and Monitoring as a precursor to establishing the white list:  before restrictions are placed, use file history in a “monitoring mode” to identify what applications are actually in use. The monitoring lets you know if these applications require admin rights and can build trusted sources.

Jason Forgione, Software Support Engineer, Viewfinity

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