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This product being the latest version of L0phtcrack is euphemistically called a password auditing and recovery tool. It is known to others as a fantastic password hash cracker for Windows. And while the new name makes it sound more like a seminal Detroit rock band of the late 60’s, the latest version hopes to kick out the competition with a array of new features.

QA Wizard

Building scripts for testing software can be an arduous task, beset by pitfalls, but QA Wizard surrounds you with safety and simplicity as you move your product out of development and into the real world. Now QA Wizard makes it easy to incorporate thorough testing of a software suite, whether Windows, web or Java based. Other supportive suites are available that dovetail into the automated operation of QA Wizard, such that software is not only tested, but anomalies are tracked and flow optimized.

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