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Stamos reportedly leaving Facebook over transparency regarding Russia's social media activities

Alex Stamos reportedly differed with management on transparency regarding Russian operatives leveraging the its platform to disrupt U.S. democratic processes influence the presidential election.

Mueller subpoenas Trump Org docs relating to Russia

There is no indication that the Trump family business or the White House will resist the subpoena.

Trump administration imposes sanctions on Russia for election interference, NotPetya

The administration imposed sanctions on Russian individuals and organizations, many of them identified in an indictment obtained by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in retaliation for election interference and "malicious" cyberattacks.

Mueller may be preparing charges against DNC hackers

Citing current and former officials in government, NBC News said the charges, like those recently filed against Russian nationals involved in an influence campaign meant to impact the 2016 presidential election, would draw from intelligence provided by agencies that are part of the U.S. intelligence community.

ICS vulnerabilities could be exploited to cause 'severe operational impact,' report warns

Research from Dragos, released in a trio of reports under the umbrella "A Qualitative View of 2017," revealed that 61 percent of 163 industrial control vulnerabilities discovered last year could be exploited to cause "severe operational impact."

Sofacy group targeted foreign ministries in North America, Europe

In early February, Unit 42 tracked Sofacy's two-prong campaign using completely different toolsets to attack various Ministries of Foreign Affairs around the world.

U.S. vows Russia will pay "costs" for NotPetya

White House cybersecurity czar Rob Joyce said there will be consequences for Russia on the international stage.

Cyber a top priority, Russia will flex its muscle in 2018 midterms, intel chiefs tell Senate

Russia's actions are part of a dangerous trend as cyber grows to a "top priority" security threat, lawmakers and members of the intelligence community said at the annual Senate Intelligence Committee World Threats hearing.

DHS Manfra says Russians successfully penetrated some state election systems

Former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson urged states to take action to thwart election hackers.

Cardin report blasts Trump's inaction on Russian interference

For the second time in two days, Congressional Democrats have run counter to the wishes of their Republican colleagues by releasing information pertinent to Russia's cyberespionage activities and interference in democratic processes.

FBI didn't warn gov't officials, others that Fancy Bear hacks targeted private gmail

A two-month probe of the 19,000 lines of targeting data provided by SecureWorks found that 500 U.S. persons who were in the Kremlin's sights and of 80 of them interviewed only two who had received FBI warnings.

Facebook tool will let users view Russian-placed pages, Instagram accounts

Rocked by accusations that it helped a Russian propaganda campaign designed to sow division in the U.S. and influence the presidential election, Facebook has attempted to make amends.

Al Jazeera sites being hacked, FBI assisting in investigation

An FBI team is onsite in Qatar following "systematic and continual hacking attempts" on the websites and other digital platforms of the Al Jazeera Media Network.

Putin says 'patriotic hackers,' may have interfered in U.S. election

"Patriotic hackers," akin to "artists," may have come to the defense of Russia, President Vladmir Putin said at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

WannaCry fallout: is hoarding exploits, delaying fixes ever justified?

With the lethality of WannaCry being blamed on the NSA's EternalBlue exploit, we asked the cyber-security industry about the wisdom of allowing intelligence agencies to stockpile zero days.

Election hack? "Could've been China," Trump says

It "could've been China," President Trump told an interviewer who asked about the hack into the 2016 presidential election.