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Border crossing: Global cooperation

A number of criminal cyber operations were taken down this year owing to international cooperation between law enforcement agents. Ashley Carman reports.

Republican hopefuls Trump and Christie come out swinging on U.S. cybersecurity

Both Donald Trump and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vowed to retaliate against China if elected president for the country's cyber attacks and intellectual property theft.

D.C. man pleads guilty to filing fraudulent income tax returns

A Washington D.C.-based man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to charges that he participated in an identity fraud scheme that netted more than $315,000 in fraudulent federal income tax returns.

VIZIO updates Smart TV privacy policy, clarifies its devices collect data by default

VIZIO updated its privacy policy this past month and elaborated on its data collection, as well as its exchanges with third parties.

Supposed mastermind behind 'Rocket Kitten' APT identified in research paper

Check Point Software Technologies published a report on Monday that identifies a man it believes to be the mastermind behind Rocket Kitten's phishing emails and attacks.