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Enterprise Configuration Manager

Auditing software requirements will naturally vary between organizations. In many cases, a relatively straightforward approach will be all that is necessary. But sometimes you might want a higher level of analysis and control.

Track-It Professional

Track-It comes in three flavors, with varying levels of sophistication: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.


SecurityExpressions is a comprehensive audit and compliance software tool which is easy to deploy and usable in most computing environments. It can audit systems either with or without agents deployed on the target machines.


We evaluated a previous version of PC-Duo
and were generally impressed with its intuitive interface and no-nonsense functions. We are pleased to report that the previous strengths – an attractive and intuitive interface – remain. The functionality has also been well considered and will be truly useful in a broad range of operational scenarios.


LANsurveyor 9 is a subtly different program from others tested here. At its heart is a graphical mapping capability that allows you to create “maps” of your network to various levels of detail. These maps might be used solely within the program, or be exported in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Visio, so you can edit them as appropriate to your organizational requirements.

LANDesk Management Suite

The LANDesk Management Suite is much more than just an auditing tool. It is a comprehensive group of tools for generally managing a corporate network which might include large numbers of clients.

Ecora Enterprise Auditor

Ecora Enterprise Auditor 3.5 is a comprehensive package tailored to fit into most contemporary IT environments.

LANDesk Asset Manager

LANDesk Asset Manager – actually an add-in to the comprehensive LANDesk Management Suite 8.1 application – provides a host of valuable functionality.


Installing Unicenter takes a little longer than average, but the process is glitch-free and logical, setting the tone for the use of the product.

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