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Counter malware threats and protect your business

20/20 Webcast: Keeping data safe in the cloud

Cloud services have become ubiquitous. Many organizations, though, having embraced their various benefits, sometimes have overlooked some of their problems – including those that can arise because of security weaknesses, as a recent SC Magazine survey, which was sponsored by McAfee, has further affirmed. There are a slew of worries respondents noted as top of mind – from data loss, access control, incident monitoring and endpoint security to shared technology risks with customers, service provider access to data and cloud account hijacking. Add to these operational concerns, issues around keeping compliant with regulatory mandates or signing and monitoring service-level agreements and stress levels for information security professional like you can skyrocket. Through this latest 20/20 we hope to assuage some of your concerns by arming you with sound and practical steps you can take to address security-related problems in the cloud and ultimately keep your organization and its sensitive information safe from harm.

The high-tech hydra: BYOD

The high-tech hydra: BYOD

No a business’ size, employees are yearning to connect their personal devices to the corporate network. But fear not: Solutions and best practices are starting to emerge to manage the risk attached with this craze.

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