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Report: Pair indicted in breach also responsible for Uber incident


Two individuals who were indicted last August for stealing information from the LinkedIn training site back in 2016 are reportedly the same pair of hackers responsible for the 2016 Uber breach that affected 57 million worldwide users. Citing two people close to the case, a TechCrunch report revealed the connection between the two incidents…

Microsoft warns of attacks leveraging Word zero-day, releases temp fix

Researchers report vulnerability in Microsoft Word’s online video feature


Researchers at Israel-based cyberattack simulation company Cymulate are claiming to have found a vulnerability in Microsoft Word’s online video feature that can allow malicious actors to replace legitimate YouTube iframe code with malicious HTML/JavaScript code. In a company press release, Cymulate warns that the unpatched zero-day flaw requires no special configuration to reproduce and potentially affects…

Cisco patches command injection bug in Webex Meetings Desktop App for Windows


Cisco Systems yesterday released a security update that patches a high-severity command injection vulnerability in its Webex Meetings Desktop App for Windows. Discovered specifically within the app’s update service, the flaw results from insufficient validation of user-supplied parameters, Cisco reports in an advisory. If the bug is not properly fixed, an authenticated, local attacker could use…

Survey: Federal agencies slow to migrate to cloud, despite promise of security


Although a cloud-based architecture would offer cybersecurity benefits to federal agencies whose systems are in need of digital defense, many government entities are not yet ready to make the migration, based on the results of a new survey. Conducted by Alexandria, Va.-based MeriTalk, a public-private partnership whose mission is to improve the outcomes of government IT,…

Philippines orders Facebook to offer ID protections following breach


Among the 30 million accounts affected in the September 2018 Facebook data breach incident were 755,973 users in the Philippines, and now the Southeast Asian nation is demanding action from the social media company, according to a report from area news outlet ABS-CBN News. The report states that Manila’s National Privacy Commission yesterday ordered Facebook to file a…

Enigmatic cyber espionage campaign revives source code from old foe APT1


A newly discovered cyber espionage campaign targeting South Korea, the U.S. and Canada features malware that reuses old source code associated with the seemingly dormant or disbanded APT1 threat group. The findings raise the possibility that the reputed Chinese threat actor has resumed operations, especially because its source code was never released to the public, according to…

Report: Spammers, not nation-state actors, suspected in Facebook breach


Facebook now suspects it was criminal scam artists and not nation-state actors who compromised tens of millions of accounts in a major data breach that was discovered last month, according to the Wall Street Journal. Citing individuals familiar with the breach investigation, the WSJ reported yesterday that Facebook believes the culprits are known social media…

Clandestine ‘GreyEnergy’ APT group spawned from BlackEnergy, NotPetya actors


Researchers from ESET yesterday exposed a previously undisclosed threat group that descended from TeleBots, the APT group known for launching the BlackEnergy trojan and NotPetya attacks against Ukraine in recent years. Dubbed GreyEnergy, the actor is comparable to the BlackEnergy group (which later changed strategies and became known as TeleBots or Sandworm) in that it…

Cat got your internet? Ecuador tells Assange to look after kitty, stop meddling in foreign affairs


It might sound more like a parent scolding his or her child, but reportedly Ecuador recently issued a memo to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, ordering him to mind his manners as a condition for getting his severed internet connection restored. According to an AP report, the memo instructs Assange, a fugitive who continues to seek…

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