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Tor network remains unsure how feds discovered and shut down Silk Road 2.0

Sites infected as open source Alpaca Forms and analytics service Picreel compromised

Hackers have breached two services and modified their JavaScript code to infect more than 4,600 websites with malware, according to security researchers. The attacks were initially discovered by security researcher Willem de Groot. In a series of tweets, he said that Picreel, an analytics service that enables website owners to see what users are doing and…

Crooks turn to Delphi packers to evade malware detection

Cybercriminals are increasingly using legitimate programming tools and their default libraries to evade malware detection. According to a blog post by FireEye, many crypting services are being offered in underground forums by hackers who claim to make any malware “FUD” or “Fully Undetectable” by anti-virus technologies, sandboxes and other endpoint solutions. “We also see an…

Code writers’ responsibility

Last month, David Litchfield, managing director of security software company NGS Software, wrote an open letter to Bugtraq criticizing the way Oracle had handled patching a series of flaws in its database products. He urged Oracle’s customers to complain to the company demanding “a better security response.”

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