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Illusive Networks

Reviewed by: Michael Diehl & Matthew Hreben Illusive Networks’ offering is a solid deception networks technology that covers the entire network. Rather than aligning itself to simply providing deceptions or traps for the network layer, Illusive focuses on the endpoint deception. This means user workstations and servers in both physical environments as well as virtual.…

Attivo Networks ThreatDefend Detection and Response Platform

Reviewed by: Michael Diehl & Matthew Hreben Product: ThreatDefend Detection and Response Platform Vendor: Attivo Networks Contact: attivonetworks.com Price: $35,000 What we liked: Well-polished platform; one of the more mature solutions we’ve seen in this space. Attivio’s ThreatDefend approaches deception at the platform level, a comprehensive collection of dynamic traps and lures that attract intruders…

Smokescreen IllusionBLACK

Reviewed by: Michael Diehl & Matthew Hreben Product: IllusionBLACK Vendor: Smokescreen Contact: smokescreen.io Price: $150,000 for three-year service period. What we liked: A secure platform built on BSD; Extends deception to phone/email channels to create “decoy employees”. Very smooth UI with “dark” theme. The team over at Smokescreen raises some interesting points. First, organizations have all…

Acalvio Technologies ShadowPlex

Reviewed by: Michael Diehl & Matthew Hreben Product: ShadowPlex Vendor: Acalvio Technologies, Inc Contact: www.acalvio.com Price $25,000 What we liked Very versatile deployment; supports most mainstream hypervisors and cloud platforms. Acalvio returns this year with their deception framework, Shadowplex Autonomous Deception. The core of this architecture is Acalvio Deception Center (ADC) which interacts, manages, and projects…

Maturing your security posture with UTM, SIEM

This month, SC Labs reviewed several UTM (Unified Threat Management) /NGFW (Next Generation Firewalls) and SIEM (Security Information and Event Monitoring) solutions. The products provided to SC Labs would be a great addition to any organization looking to mature their security posture.

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