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Redwood Eye Care hit with ransomware, 16,000 records encrypted


The Redwood Eye Center has notified 16,000 California residents their personal information may have been compromised when a company subcontractor suffered a ransomware attack. The Redwood Eye Center learned on September 19, 2018 that third-party vendor IT Lighthouse that hosts Redwood’s medical records database experienced a ransomware attack that locked the server containing 16,055 the…

Enslaved Word Press sites attack sister-sites in botnet attack


Threat actors have created a botnet army using 20,000 infected Word Press sites that is, in turn, assaulting other Word Press websites using dictionary-style brute force attacks in an attempt to gain access. This information was revealed by Wordfence, a Word Press security plugin supplier, yesterday. Wordfence said its plugin has tracked and stopped more…

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DarkVishnya steals millions using attached devices to hack bank computers


A cyber bank robbery outfit proved to the detriment of several Eastern European banks the necessity of physically securing computer assets that could give an attacker direct access to their network. Kaspersky Labs researcher Sergey Golovanov has given a rundown on a new string of bank robberies, nicknamed DarkVishnya, that took place in 2017 and…

12 states file lawsuit against medical record data companies


A multi-state lawsuit has been filed in an Indiana federal court against three affiliated medical data IT firms, alleging poor cybersecurity practices that led to breaches with 3.9 million compromised records. The attorneys-general of Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina and Wisconsin jointly launched the suit against defendants Medical Informatics Engineering,…

Automating for Endless zero-days

By Derek Manky, chief of security insights & global threat alliances, Fortinet The number of vulnerabilities available to cybercriminals continues to accelerate. But according to one recent report, of the over 100,000 vulnerabilities published to the CVE list, less than 6 percent were actually exploited in the wild. The challenge is that predicting which vulnerability…

Humble Bundle breach could be first step in wider attack


Sometimes a basic data breach is just the first step in a larger campaign. That appears to be the case with the gaming subscription site Humble Bundle, which began informing its customers of a data breach that may have exposed a person’s subscription status, Malwarebytes reported. While on the outside this appears to be a…

Google to make Chrome 71 available


Google announced it will begin releasing the latest version of Chrome 71, 71.0.3578.83, in the next few weeks. This release includes stability and performance improvements with one of the most visible changes being its ability to remove ads from sites with persistent abusive experiences. Site owners are free to use the Abusive Experiences Report in…

Tackling the security complexity in 5G IoT devices

By Yogendra Shah, Senior Principal Engineer, InterDigital IoT is one of three major use cases driving the development of 5G and it brings untold complexity and inherent risk that threatens to undermine the opportunity even before it gets started. 5G networks are expected to connect tens of billions of IoT devices, and, as opposed to…

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Florida marijuana dispensary website leaked customer data


A Florida medical marijuana dispensary took down its website after being notified that customer information was viewable through the site’s search function. The medical marijuana dispensary website AltMed, which also operates under the name MüV, said Sunday on its Facebook page a customer had noticed that on it was possible to view customer information…

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