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Threat hunting with next-generation tools

We’ve covered two AI-based next generation tools: deception networks and network monitoring.  This time we’re going to use next generation enterprise forensics to go on a threat hunt. If you recall, we deployed an Attivo BOTSink deception network in the lab and added, last time, the MixMode Packetsled network monitor.  Both of these use true…

Peter Stephenson

Next Generation Tools: Deception Networks

There have been several predictions as to where adversary hacking is headed in the foreseeable future. Virtually all credible predictions have one thing in common: emerging attacks will be intelligent. In simple terms that means that these attacks will have the ability to make decisions and, to some extent, control their own actions without the…

Peter Stephenson, technology editor, SC Media

Dridex Re-Mastered

Well, it’s been quite an eventful time since last I posted. I have so much in the works that it is hard to tell where to begin. It seems that we are seeing new flavors of ransomware every week and botnets seem to come and go with a frequency we’ve not seen in a while. This week, though, I promised Dridex, so Dridex it is.

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