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Debt Exchange improves security with scanning service

The reality of the security market has brought new demands for any business dealing with large financial institutions. No matter how large or small, or whether public or private, if a partner is handling bank information theyll be subject to the same measure of security as their customers.

Robust web application security builds trust for DTCC

Like many businesses, Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) depends on its application developers to drive value for its organization. As the primary clearing agency in the United States responsible for clearing and settling securities transactions for a wide range of exchanges — including equities, corporate and municipal bonds, and government and mortgage-backed securities — DTCC handles approximately $5.5 trillion in transactions a day through its systems. These transactions are primarily routed through hundreds of applications built in-house.

How IT departments are securing instant messaging

Once considered a peripheral communication tool used primarily by only some workers, instant messaging (IM) is now feared by many as a security hazard. For many enterprises, the simple solution was to block IM and force employees to use existing email, phone and fax resources. But the evolution of communication channels is leaving that model in the dust.

Cover story: Some enterprises benefiting from the convergence of physical and information security assets

The most mature information security programs cant always protect against theft of information if the perpetrator has access to the server room. Without the proper physical controls over the data centers and facilities which contain the information technology hardware, it is easy enough for an imposter to steal assets the old-fashioned way — with the five-finger discount.

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