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Rolling the Dice on AI

Man vs machine: The future of AI Fear of successful cyberattacks meets fear of unintended consequences when machine learning is your first line of defense. Evan Schuman reports. Fear can be a great motivator. If you are afraid that a human cannot make a decision fast enough to stop a cyberattack, you might opt for…

The picture of threat intelligence

The long-acknowledged core problem with threat intelligence today is the software equivalent of a Yin and Yang situation. The algorithms are smart enough to catch a massive number of log anomalies, detecting any pattern deviation that might indicate an attack attempt. That said, they are not yet smart enough to identify accurately the real threats…

Sharing is caring—and smart

If your organization is involved in critical infrastructure such as public utilities, finance, healthcare, national defense, technology, or a similar field, nation-state attackers have put a huge target on your network. Considering the sophistication and ongoing nature of attacks against your networks, it’s important to secure your infrastructure. A 1998 executive order designed to protect…

What about health care?

Thus far, we’ve focused on manufacturing and retail, but another huge area for IoT attacks is the health care vertical. In the same way that operations and facility departments are not in the habit of having light bulbs and door locks approved by IT, their hospital counterparts are not used to getting standard medical systems,…

Internet of Things

Can one CISO ever beat an army of IoT devices?

The security threat from the Internet of Things (IoT) has grown real because far too many of those sneaky IoT devices fly in under the radar. Corporate maintenance, facilities and operations departments are not accustomed to requesting IT’s signoff on purchasing light bulbs or door locks. And yet, when those devices have their own independent – or dependent – communications capabilities, they are an easy backdoor for cyberthieves.

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