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The hard sell: which key performance indicators to use in reports

The skill set required for the modern IT security professional is constantly changing — the moxie of malware authors, phishers and online scam artists ensures that. Employees working to keep networks and data safe increasingly need another trait they cant learn in a certification course or training session, say consultants and analysts. The IT security pro is now expected to be a great communicator, especially when using metrics and other statistics to explain a corporate IT strategy — and its results and shortcomings, to superiors.

Sarbanes, Oxley pass torch

The swearing in of the 110th Congress this month marks the end of an era for IT security-related legislation, as both authors of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) will have retired to the private sector.

Know your client

Ask any IT expert for a cookie cutter approach to protect customer data and there might not be much of an answer. After all, hackers are just one group to worry about when looking to prevent the theft of customers’ personal information. Company executives also must concern themselves with their own employees, as well as government legislators.

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