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A cautious embrace of Pollyanna

For quite some time, the number of women in the cybersecurity industry has hovered around 11 percent of the overall workforce. However, recent statistics show a modest uptick with the number now estimated to be about 24 percent − a bit of heartening progress. Some other interesting trends are emerging, which we explore further in…


Privacy – It’s everyone’s responsibility

Privacy. The word takes on different meanings depending on the person to with whom you’re speaking. Given our ever intense usage of social media or our increasing willingness to offer personal details in exchange for rewards and discounts or to download some hip, free app, the meaning has generally changed over the last several years.…


Making cybersecurity great now

History tells tales. When I travel during days off to other regions of the world, I look for the fun spots but also the sites honoring the city’s turbulent periods. I’ve learned that these often mournful times comprising a region’s history also play parts in a present day that shows how equity, hope, goodness and…


Cybercrime pays…on both sides

Cybercrime, apparently, does pay. This is according to a few of the articles in this edition as well as many other news and feature reports we’ve done in the past based on any number of research papers that have sprung up over the last 12 to 18 months. A report from McAfee and the Center…


Here we are on the cusp of 30

Here we are, another year almost wrapped and I’m starting to rethink whether I’ve chosen the right profession. What’s set me on this path is a recent study I’ve been mulling, which basically reveals that cybercrime is, like, the hottest industry for career-minded professionals looking for lucrative occupations that could make them millions of dollars…


Feminism is for everyone

Recently, an accomplished and self-proclaimed “bossy woman” in security posted on her Facebook page a news item from media outlet that immediately seized my attention. Its headline read, “‘You Are In Fact Unequal’ Engineering Student’s Letter to Woman Goes Viral.” I wondered if this piece was going to get me riled or was just…


The Russian bear in the room

I love our big ole’ bear who hails from Russia that illustrates our lead feature online and in our more traditional hard copy edition this month. He’s cheeky, haughty, seemingly quite savvy and definitely bold. These traits are trying to be conveyed with purpose, as he’s supposed to visually represent just one of the ways…