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Joe Uchill

Senior reporter
Joe Uchill has been covering cybersecurity since 2014 for publications such as Axios, The Hill and Motherboard.

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Security ratings could raise the bar on cyber hygiene, but won’t stop the next SolarWinds

The concept of security ratings, noted by Biden officials, is one that the cybersecurity community has batted around for some time: place a label on the box that says a product is or is not secure, and let consumers create a market around security. But experts say the simplicity of that concept is both its strength and its weakness.

Ransomware may be targeting Microsoft’s Hafnium Exchange Server vulnerabilities

Microsoft confirmed “a new family of ransomware being used after an initial compromise of unpatched on-premises Exchange Servers,” via its Security Intelligence Twitter account. The ransomware, called DoejoCrypt or DearCry, appears to be the latest threat associated with not patching the Hafnium Exchange Server vulnerabilities Microsoft first announced last week. DoejoCrypt was first noticed on…

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