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Joe Uchill has been covering cybersecurity since 2014 for publications such as Axios, The Hill and Motherboard.

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Free program blocks 10 million malicious domains from state and local governments

Akamai announced Wednesday early results of a partnership with the Center for Internet Security and the Department of Homeland Security to offer free malicious domain blocking and reporting services to state, local, tribal and territorial governments. After five weeks of offering the service, with just under 350 sign-ups, the MDBR service blocked roughly 10 million…

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Iranian hacker group selling server access on underground forums

According to a new Crowdstrike report, an actor associated with a contractor for the Iranian intelligence service known as “Pioneer Kitten” advertised selling access to servers on an underground forum in July. Pioneer Kitten, also tracked by cybersecurity firms as Fox Kitten and Parasite, has been active since 2017 with a broad array of interests.…

Expect rapid growth in BEC scams to continue, despite global crackdown

The Justice Department’s extradition of Deborah Mensah from Ghana for her alleged participation in a multimillion-dollar business email compromise (BEC) scheme marks the latest move in a flurry of global activity to stop increasingly prevalent email scams. Since 2018, the department has participated in two massive international operations netting nearly 370 arrests, and the FBI…

Homeland Security announces 5G strategy to manage the pending digital overhaul

The Department of Homeland Security announced a new 5G strategy Monday, providing a five point plan to handle confusion caused by the pending massive overhaul to digital infrastructure. The initiative, released by DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA, calls for the following: Support of 5G policy and standards development by emphasizing security and…

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