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Do you know where your data is?

Protecting data on overseas cloud servers and navigating aggressive regulation promise to keep tech lawyers employed for years to come, if the EU’s quick succession of Privacy Shield, GDPR and the forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation provides any indication of what’s in store. Data guardians must be prepared to bring their technical A-game in regard to knowing…

Cryptocurrency’s legal tender

Bitcoin and its multitude of cousins may not be governed by central banks or governments, but the authorities are tracking the meteoric rise for criminal abuse as well as taxation levies against unreported profit gains.

malvertising targets users for drive-by-downloads

New ransomware Zenis will delete backup files even if victim pays

A self-proclaimed “mischievous boy” who calls himself “ZENIS” unleashed ransomware attacks that encrypt the files and then purposely deleted the backups. Discovered last week by MalwareHunterTeam, Zenis uses a customized encryption method that warns recipients to pay up or risk losing forever their infected files. A blog post by Lawrence Abrams details how the…

malvertising targets users for drive-by-downloads

RIG exploit kit strikes again, cryptocurrencies malvertising campaign

A malvertising campaign uses decoy websites pushing cryptocurrencies and then redirects users to the RIG exploit kit, Malwarebytes Labs said. The decoy page contains a third-party JavaScript that appears to be conditionally loaded, based on the visitor’s user agent and geolocation, according to a Feb. 28 blog post. One spoof site carries the url http://investingtodayfix[dot]top…

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