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Millennial Habits May Bring an End to the Password Era

The use of passwords as a single method to prove identity is increasingly becoming obsolete – and for good reason. With major data breaches opening the floodgates on our personal information and the increasing availability of password hacking tools, passwords are no longer effective at keeping our personal identities secured. While the short-term solution for…

Limor Kessem

Where are They Today? Banking Trojans That No One Misses

A Blog Series on The Banking Malware That Faded Away in 2017 According to IBM X-Force data, several major cybercrime groups that operate banking Trojans have slowly relinquished center stage in 2017, and for no apparent external reason. These groups include: Shifu, Tinba, Neverquest, Qadars, and GozNym – all of which have gradually faded away,…

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