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GRC, risk and policy management

This month we take a dive into GRC (governance, risk and compliance), risk and policy management toolsets. The SC team has looked at this category on an annual basis for many years. Over the years focus in the space has come in waves, especially as regulatory and industry-specific compliance measures evolve. With the broad reach…

Risk and policy management

Current risk and policy management tools have continued to evolve, year after year offering new features and increasingly interesting approaches. There is some overlap with the tools we feature this month, but they fall into two main subcategories: GRC solutions and policy management tools. GRC solutions are designed to help assure an organization achieves its…

Threat Intelligence Group Opener

Focusing on threat intelligence solutions this month, the team observed three primary solution categories – threat intelligence providers, platforms and gateways. These three classes all provide threat intelligence to an organization, though each type takes a different approach when packaging the information.

Endpoint Security

Over the years, threats have evolved from simple attacks to very advanced threats that can cripple an organization and hide their tracks. As the attacks have evolved, so have our protection needs. We have gone from the single point of protection on mainframes and Unix servers to a large number of endpoints across many networks.…

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