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Peter Stephenson, technology editor, SC Media

It’s forensic tools time again

We are consistently amazed by how this category changes year to year. This year we are back, mostly, to the traditional computer forensics tools. Of course, we have the usual network provider, mobile device tools and case management.  But this year there are no new exotic entries. Perhaps this is because the market – and…

First Look: SignalSciences Web Protection Platform

The SignalSciences Web Protection Platform (WPP) is unique in that it starts out looking like a web application firewall (WAF) but actually is a whole lot more.  While the outward functionality strongly resembles a WAF the underlying capabilities take a somewhat different approach.  This is an approach, the company claims, reduces false positives to the…

Enterprise-wide defenses

This is an important and, in some regards, disappointing review group. It’s important because it deals with managing ransomware, arguably the most serious cyberthreat today.

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