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Most recent articles by Robert Abel takes down 100K malware distribution sites in 10 months


Swiss non-profit threat sharing,, announced its platform has managed to takedown 100,000 malware distribution sites in 10 months in a recent project which consisted of sharing malicious URL used for distribution.’s URLhaus project was launched last year to collect malicious URLs by allowing anyone to sign up with a Twitter account to report…

Adobe releases third update in less than a month


Adobe today announced security updates for its vulnerabilities in its Experience Manager product that could result in sensitive information disclosure. The updates address a Moderate rated reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability and an Important rated stored cross-site scripting vulnerability in Adobe Experience Manager version 6.0 through version 6.4 across all platforms, according to a Jan. 22…


Researchers find Telegram bot chatter is actually Windows malware commands


Decrypted Telegram bot chatter was found to actually be a new Windows malware, dubbed GoodSender, which uses the messenger platform to listen and wait for commands. Forcepoint researchers discovered what it described as a “fairly simple” year old malware that creates a new administrator account that enables remote desktop once it infects a victim’s device.…

GandCrab returns with trojans and redundency


The GandCrab ransomware has returned with a new set of trojans in addition to its initial infection. The addition of new tools comes just over a week after at least one threat actor began using a combination the info stealer Vidar with the ransomware to increase their odds of taking something of value away from…

Threat actors spoof thousands of debit cards at Tampa Bay Credit Union


Tampa Bay Credit Union members had their debit card information spoofed after threat actors generated false cards using the financial institution’s bin numbers. Threat actors identified the credit union’s bin numbers, the first six numbers on a debit card, and used software from the dark web to attach the Bin numbers to actual account holder’s…

Rocke malware disables cloud security before mining cryptocurrency


A new Linux cryptocurrency mining malware used by the Rocke group can evade detection from cloud security protocols by disabling them. Palo Alto’s Unit 42 researchers spotted what appears to be the first malware family that can target and remove cloud security products, according to a blog post. “Public cloud infrastructure is one of the…

Voipo database exposed millions of call logs and personal data


Communications provider Voipo left a customer database exposed revealing tens of gigabytes worth of customer data including personally identifiable information. Independent researcher Justin Paine discovered the improperly secured ElasticSearch database belonging to the voice-over-internet provider firm which containing nearly seven million call logs, six million SMS/MMS message logs, and plaintext internal system credentials including unencrypted…

Feds flip El Chapo’s IT Consultant to gain drug lord’s encryption keys


Dutch law enforcement intercepted the communications of Mexican drug suspected drug lord and former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel Joaquín Guzmán, also known as “El Chapo,” after his IT consultant turned informant. Between April 2011 and January 2012 U.S. authorities captured a total of 1,500 calls, many of which originated from El Chapo, after his…

Redbanc cyberattack linked to Lazarus group


The recently disclosed cyber attack on the Chilean interbank network Redbanc which took place in December 2018, may have been carried out by North Korea-linked advanced persistent threat (APT) group Lazarus. The attack involved PowerRatankba, a malware toolkit with ties to APT group represents the latest known example of Lazarus-affiliated tools being deployed within financially…

Bluehost and other popular web hosting sites found to be full of flaws


The web-hosting platform Bluehost was found to contain multiple account takeover and information leak vulnerabilities. Independent researcher and bug-hunter Paulos Yibelo has identified four vulnerabilities, one of which is a “High” severity information leak through CORS misconfigurations that could allow attackers to steal personally identifiable information, partial payment details and tokens that can give access…

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