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Brazilian Banking Trojan BasBanke spreads via Facebook and WhatApp promos


A new Brazilian banking trojan, dubbed BasBanke, is setting trends in Brazil with over 10,000 installations from the official Google Play Store alone. Kaspersky Labs researchers witnessed the malware starting to make rounds during that country’s 2018 election and found the malware has credential stealing, keylogging, screen recording, SMS interception, payment card and financial information…

Commission offers suggestions for stemming online spy threat from China

Chinese HR firms and recruiting agencies found to leak more than half a billion resumes


Chinese companies were discovered leaking more than half a billion resumes on the web via poorly secured ElasticSearch and MongoDB databases. The leaks occurred solely at Chinese firms over the last few months from Chinese human resource-focused companies in batches ranging from a handful of CVs to professional executive head-hunting firms all leaking customer details…

Bashlight’s back Alright, with new features!


The Bashlight IoT malware has been updated with cryptomining and backdoor commands targeting WeMo devices. The malware initially gained notoriety for its use in large scale DDoS attacks in 2014 but has recently switched over to infecting IoT devices and has even been known to exploit Shellshock to gain a foothold into vulnerable devices. Bashlight…


Verizon phishing scam takes a mobile-first approach


Verizon customers are being targeted by a phishing campaign which researchers described as having a sophisticated, mobile-first approach that optimizes its phoney sites for mobile devices and demonstrating awareness of Verizon infrastructure. Lookout researchers discovered the attack in late November 2018 and said activity has since intensified in March, when three waves of attacks were…

A glass cliff: Gender gap

Women in cybersecurity outpacing men to leadership roles, study


Women are making significant strides in the field of cybersecurity and in some cases, are even outpacing men in some categories, but progress aside there are still areas that could use improvement. Despite being outnumbered three to one, a recent (ISC)² study found more women are joining the field of cybersecurity and are subsequently gunning…

News briefs: Adobe's big breach, NISTS' new framework, and more

April Fools study finds cybersecurity pros trust fictitious stats as much as or more than experts


Researchers played an April Fools’ Day joke a little early on several attendees of this past RSA Conference when Authentic8 researchers found that 88 percent of cybersecurity professionals trust fictitious figures as much if not more than other industry experts. Researchers conducted their “Cybersecurity Approval Poll” at RSA 2019, polling 294 professionals, and found 88…

VSkimmer trojan steals card data on point-of-sale systems

2M credit cards exposed in Buca di Beppo, Earl of Sandwich, Planet Hollywood parent company breach


A point-of-sale data breach allegedly discovered a month ago and just now admitted, exposed two million credit cards belonging to diners of Earl Enterprises restaurants. KrebsOnSecurity claims to have contacted the Italian restaurant chain that owns Buca di Beppo, Earl of Sandwich, Planet Hollywood and other restaurant brands, on Feb. 21, 2019, after finding evidence…

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Insurance Companies collaborate to offer cybersecurity ratings


In a collaborative effort, some of the world’s largest insurers have set out to create a consumer ratings service for the cybersecurity industry. The initiative, launched Tuesday and set to be led by Marsh & McLennan, will attempt to score best products to reduce hacking risks and will create an assessment of the best cybersecurity…

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