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Phishing-Specific SOAR Gets You to Mitigation Faster

When a malicious email slips past perimeter tech defenses, you need to find it and respond in minutes, not two or three months. But no one has unlimited budget or staffing to sift through phishing alerts, verify threats, and help stop attacks in progress. To analyze and respond to emails faster, CofenseTM adds the power…

Influencer – Ed Adams

Category: Influencer Name: Ed Adams Title: President & CEO Company: Security Innovation Why Nominated: In addition to being at the helm of Security Innovation for over 16 years, Ed Adams is a Distinguished Fellow of The Ponemon Institute and actively contributes to its think tank research. He serves on the board of several IT security organizations…

Britney Hommertzheim, director of information security, AMC Theatres

She transitioned from military theaters of operation to movie theater operations, but AMC Theatres Director of Information Security Britney Hommertzheim still knows how to draw up a battle plan when it comes to developing and deploying secure IT processes. Now in her third year with Kansas City-based AMC, Hommertzheim reports directly to the $3.2 billion…

Janine Darling, Founder and CEO, Stash Secure Data

There are people in the cybersecurity industry who earn their chops sifting through the Dark Web or analyzing code and trends, but then there are others whose special skill is assembly a great cyber team. Janine Darling, founder and CEO of Stash Secure Data, falls into this category. Janine’s varied background includes stints heading the…

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