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Meet the 2021 SC Awards judges

Introducing our esteemed panel of judges for the SC Trust and Excellence Awards, cybersecurity leaders contributing from health care, engineering, finance, education, manufacturing, non profit, and consulting, among others.

Finalists: Best IT Security-Related Training Program

Insider threats are a reality facing all organizations big and small. But many of the exposures that stem from employees happen not from malicious intent, but rather lack of understanding of risky behavior and failure to recognize the tactics of external attackers. The following companies are being recognize for delivering enduser awareness training programs that…

Finalists: Best Data Leakage Prevention Solution

Data leaks can be a disaster for any company – potentially exposing intellectual property to competitors or private data of employees, partners and customers, which could result in damage to brand reputation or even financial liability. And yet, keeping tabs on data grows only more complex with the distributed workforce and rapid transitions to the…

Finalists: Best SCADA Security Solution

The hacking of a water treatment plant only months ago demonstrated the risks often associated with critical infrastructure and the industrial control systems that many critical infrastructure entities rely upon to operate. From legacy considerations to access controls, the challenges facing these entities are distinct and alarming when one considers implications of a breach. The…

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